Cat Sitting

Considering Using the Services of a Cat Sitter?

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Do you hate the thought of putting your cat out of your home? You are not alone and a Cat Sitter is the perfect alternative for you.

Cat Owners come to Sitter for your Critter because:

1. They know their cat loves to be in their own bed at night.

2. They don’t want to make their cat travel out of their home.

3. They prefer to have someone come in and care for their cat, while keeping their home and secure.

What does a Cat Sitter Do?

A cat sitter is the alternative to asking friends to come in and feed your cat or taking them to a Cattery. When you use the service of a Cat Sitter we visit your home as many times as you need to feed you cat, change/scoop their litter and play with them. We also administer medications including insulin shots. It’s a less stress option for cats, who often don’t like to travel outside the home.

All of our Cat Sitters are huge animal lovers and our office staff are on hand to check that your visits are being completed. You will also receive message and photos of our sitters enjoying their time with your pets. We can also do any house related tasks such as taking in the mail, trash, watering plants and rotating blinds.