When you bring home an adopted cat or a new kitten, selecting a name all the household can agree on can sometimes be a bit of a headache.

Trying to pick something a bit special, quirky or imaginative can feel overwhelming when you are faced with the more important task of getting your new kitty settled into their home. If you are struggling to come up with something original, we have pulled together a list of unique female cat names to, hopefully, provide you with some inspiration.

female cat1. Almond Blossom
Lots of people opt to name their cats after flowers. Why not choose something a little unusual with a lovely sentiment behind it?

These delicate white flowers that are found on the Almond Tree are often one of the first of the year to bloom. This means they are referred to as ‘Awakeners’. What a lovely idea if you have a rescue cat this is being given a new lease on life with you. It could also be perfect if you have a white or light-colored cat.

The flowers also symbolize sweetness and hope.

2. Artemis
Do you have a cat who is a prolific hunter or that is a little bit wild? Naming them after the Greek Goddess of the Wilderness and the Hunt could be a perfect choice.

3. Carina
Do you have a cat that looks too adorable? Carina means cute in Italian, so this could be the perfect match.

4. Clove
Spices, in times gone by, were often gifted with a particular meaning behind them. If you were gifted Clove, this signified a warmth of feeling. So not only is it a sweet name, but it has an affectionate sentiment behind it.

Spices are a popular pet name option. You could also consider Nutmeg, Cinnamon or Chili, for example.

5. Grizabella
Despite being one of the main characters in the Cats Musical, this is still a unique name for your feline friend. It would be a lovely name for a senior, scrappy adopted kitty that has finally found her forever home.

6. Modella
If you have a cat with striking coat markings, like the Bengal, why not call them Modella? This is the feminine word for ‘pattern’ in Italian.

7. Momo
This is a popular name in Japan, but it is definitely more unique in America. Momo can mean ‘Peach’. So if you have a sweet cat or one with a shade of orange or pink in their coat, then this could be a cute name choice.

8. Moscato
Do you have a white cat that is super sweet? Don’t opt for commonplace Snowflake or Angel. If you are a wine connoisseur, then naming them after this sweet white wine could be an inspired choice. It could also be good for a ginger cat as the wine has flavors of peach and orange blossoms.

9. Onyx
Cats are often named with reference to their coat coloring or markings. Dark cats may be called Ebony, Sooty or Blue. If you have a cat that has a black or dark grey coat, why not go for something a bit different, like Onyx. This dark stone is thought to bring luck and give courage. If you have a cat with shades of red, you could opt for Garnet or Agate for shades of blue.

10. Tahini
People often name their cats after foods. Peanut, Honey, Cookie and Pumpkin are all common. If you have a light or cream-colored cat, then Tahini is a bit more unexpected.

No matter what name you choose for your delicious pumpkin we know it is going to be perfect!!