5 Best Large Dog Halloween Costumes


Large dogs might not be the first kinds of dogs you’d imagine sporting a great Halloween costume, but it doesn’t need to be so. Even if their size can be discouraging when you consider a good costume for them, here are the five best large dog Halloween costumes you can try out and have fun with soon enough!



  • Superhero


A simple cape and some special markings are all that you need to turn your big dog into a huge superhero on the streets for Halloween. Regardless if you’re going for Superman or Batman or any of the other cape-wearing superheroes out there, your dog will be able to pull it off easily. And you don’t even need to go for an already established superhero – create your own and let your imagination fly!



  • Large feline


Whether it’s a lion, where you’d have to use a lion’s mane costume, or a simple cat, puma, leopard or a tiger – there’s nothing cooler as turning your dog into a cat. A couple cat ears, a few whiskers and you’re already set with your big cat costume for your big dog. Works amazingly well coupled with some full-body costumes for the types of cats with specific patterns on their fur – think leopard spots or tiger stripes.



  • Firefighter


A firefighter’s hard hat, something red and yellow and you have a complete firefighter’s costume for your dog. Works amazingly well with a large Dalmatian specimen, but most big dogs can and will pull it off wonderfully. They’re easy to get by and some variants can also be improvised at home. And considering it’s just a hat and maybe a body cover, the dog won’t mind it all that much granted the hat isn’t heavy.



  • Mount for action figures


Get your favorite action figure, character or doll and strap them on your dog’s back. Use a harness as a saddle, and stick the figurine to it. Whether it’s a cowboy riding your dog around, or a princess riding her mount, your imagination is the limit. Again, a very easy, DIY Halloween costume, perfect for most larger breeds of dogs.



  • Zebra


Zebras look cool, and a large dog can pull off that look amazingly well with a full body zebra costume. Use a lightweight, breathable material and don’t keep it on your dog for a long time, just in case. But turning your dog into a zebra, even if for a few minutes in order to get those important pictures for your social media profiles can be very rewarding, and won’t negatively impact your dog. Plus, it looks amazingly original!

Never leave your dog alone if they’re wearing a Halloween costume, regardless of what costume it is. They can get stuck, can get hurt and need help, so be responsible and keep an eye out for what they’re doing while in costume.