8 Reasons Why Your Cat Is Thankful for You


Cats may come off as high-strung, independent and along with the perception that they don’t really need you there. And it may even be true, to a certain extent. But that doesn’t mean a cat isn’t grateful for your existence – so, let’s explore the 8 reasons why your cat is thankful for you on this year’s Thanksgiving.



  • Protection


All animals need to feel safe, and cats are no different. Would they be able to survive without you? Maybe. But they’re surely thankful that you provide them with all the things that makes them feel safe and relaxed.


  • Nourishment


Food is an important part in a cat’s life. While they’re natural predators that have no trouble finding and catching their own food, the delicious food you serve them whenever they’re hungry is much more appreciated than if they’d have to scavenge or hunt. The path of least resistance applies to animals as well, cats included.


  • Affection


Independent as they may be, cats also need to feel love. It’s what makes them feel safe, and it’s what makes them share their love with you in return. So the affection you give them, you’ll get back – which is what makes them hugely grateful for your existence and constant support.


  • Social circle


With dogs, you’re the leader and they’re the humble followers – with cats, odds are you’re the one the cat thinks it rules over. That’s okay, as cats love their subjects. But what makes them grateful is that they have someone in their life, someone they can eventually see as their very own.


  • Shelter


Shelter is a major component in getting an animal to feel safe, and once your cat learns that your home is safe for it as well, it’ll be more than grateful for the added protection. Sure, they’ll soon make sure they become the rulers of your castle, but that’s why you love your cats in the first place.


  • Play


Animals need to play in order to keep their activity levels up, to receive the mental and physical stimulation, and to work on their reflexes, along with learning about their limits and the world around them. Playing with your cat will not only provide that, but they’ll also be highly thankful for you doing it.


  • Toys


Tied to the above point, toys are a great way to make sure cats are kept active and avoid them becoming destructive with your own stuff. Cat toys can be a lot of fun for them, and they’ll be grateful whenever you introduce something new they can play with then you don’t have the time or you’re away.


  • Stimulation


Cats need a lot of stimulation in order to remain healthy and happy – they’re curious in nature, and presenting them with toys, new food, playing with them and petting them will make them very happy and consequently thankful for your existence.

Again, while your cat may appear not to care so much at times, he’s always grateful for the life you have provided for him.  What might your cat be grateful for?


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