8 Tips to Naming your Pet PLUS the Most Popular Pet Names of 2017


Whether you own a pet right now or have owned one in the past, you probably know the angst that sometimes goes along with naming your pet.  After all, your pet will be stuck with it the rest of his life and well, you’ll be stuck with it, too. 


Follow these tips to find the best name for your dog.


  1. Go with what’s popular. If you just can’t decide, take a look at what other people are naming their dogs. You’ll be sure to find something cute and catchy that will fit your pet! There are many surveys done on this very topic, believe it or not.  Take a look at this study that revealed the most popular names of 2017.  In the arena of public opinion the top names for pets were: Bella, Poppy, Alfie and Charlie.
  2. Stick with something short. Experts say that dogs will learn their name faster if you keep in short and they’re also more likely to listen when called.
  3. Go with the obvious. Consider the features that stand out on your dog and then go with it. Whiskers, Boots, Fluffy, and Midnight are all examples of names that can be tied to your pet’s physical characteristics. 
  4. Think long term. Sometimes people pick names based on how their pet looks, acts or behaves as a puppy or kitten.  Sometimes those names don’t seem to fit too well once the pet is all grown up.  Think ahead before you pick a name you’ll be stuck with forever!
  5. Make it sweet! Oreo, Brownie, Kit Kat and Goober are all sweet names, literally! Your dog will always be simply irresistible with names like these.
  6. Consult with fine cinema or cartoons. Think about your favorite movies or cartoons with memorable characters. Love Disney? How about Jasmine, Daisy, and Figaro? Or maybe you’re a fan of the Peanuts gang and you could go with Snoopy.  Not a cartoon fan, think about famous dogs of film such as Star, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin or Toto.  These are all names that at the very least will get your wheels spinning.
  7. Reread classic (or trashy) literature. Finn, Sawyer, Rhett, Portia, and Jekyll are just a few examples of tried and true names in some of the greatest classics of all time.
  8. Go global. Are you a world traveler or have you read about some amazing places that you’d like to visit? Why not name your pet after the destination of your dreams? Sydney, Kona, Avalon, Dakota, Phoenix, Charlotte, Alexandria are a few fine examples of state side and global names that could be pawsitively adorable.


No matter what you choose, try to go with something that YOU really like because at the end of the day, your pet won’t mind what you call him as long as you call his name with love and affection.  So, what’ll it be?