What are you going to get your feline friends this year?

9 Holiday Gift Ideas for your Cat

Shopping for your cat this holiday season doesn’t have to be hard.  While cats are known for being finicky, we’re sure these gift items are sure to make a splash this holiday season and beyond.  You just might end up being your cat’s favorite person if you give him any of these gifts.

  1. Ball Tunnels like the Senses Speed Circuit will provide your cat with hours of play with or without you. The motional activated, flashing ball will engage all of your cat’s senses piquing his interest in more ways than one.  This cool circuit has multiple layouts and you can purchase additional tracks to up the ante.
  2. Laser Lights like the Bolt Interactive Laser Light provide your cat with opportunities for practicing his natural hunting habits. While laser lights provide hours of play for your cat, you must always be careful to limit too much time with the laser light as it can become frustrating for your cat when he never seems to catch the light. The great thing about the bolt Interactive laser is that it turns off after 15 minutes of play time.
  3. Ping pong balls provide ample opportunity for pouncing and batting, which are things that cats love to do! The colorful ping pong balls will delight your cat and you will see him hopping around and receiving much needed exercise in between cat naps. 
  4. Cat Towers allow your cat to scan his world from above and provide him an escape from people and other animals in the house when he needs to. Similar to trees in nature, your cat will be drawn to these cat towers in a similar fashion. From simple to downright ridiculous, these towers come in all shapes, styles and sizes.  They also double as a scratching post, which is necessary for all cats.
  5. All cats seem to gravitate towards the window sill so why not get your cat a window perch? Window Perches allow your indoor cat to watch what’s going on outside and satiate his natural curiosity while taking in a little sun. We all enjoy a good cat nap in the sun every now and then and well, your cat is no exception.
  6. Tunnels are always a hit with cats and there’s one for every cat out there – quite literally. The provide time for interactive and/or independent play.  A little hide and seek or shelter from the house dog can also be provide with these unique tunnels. 
  7. The Petzi Treat Cam allows you interact with your cat while you’re at work or simply away from home. Using the app, you can talk to your cat, take his picture and even dispense treats to him. Imagine that!
  8. If you’re trying to teach your cat 21st Century Skills then why not check out the game Cat Alone 2. This game for android and ios encourages and entices your cat to swat various objects on the screen.
  9. Who doesn’t love a good treat? Your cat is no exception. However keeping treats as healthy as possible is key to good health.  Try out treats from Three Dog Bakery such as the “We Pity the Kitties Natural Alaskan Salmon Fillets.  These treats not only taste good but are made from one ingredient!  No fillers, no preservatives, no additives! Just salmon!

When it comes down to it, you can always apply the “less is more” mentality when shopping for your cat.  In fact, when all else fails wrap up an empty brown box or paper bag and then be prepared to watch your cat play for hours.  Budget friendly and always a winner!