Having trouble finding a gift for your furry friends?

 9 Holiday Gifts for your Dog

  1. The TrackR While some dogs like to roam, most dogs want to stay close to come or at least find their way back to their home as soon as possible if they do get lost. The TrackR can help reunite you with your dogs in minutes if he gets lost. Simply attach the TrackR to his collar and using your phone, you can quickly determine his last known location.
  2. FitBark Your dog wants to live a long healthy life with you. In fact, nothing would make him happier than to be forever young and at your side. While you can’t keep your dog forever, you can keep him forever young while he’s still around.  The FitBark helps you to track your dog’s activity, health and behavior even alerting you to potential health issues. Slap on your own FitBit and you can make goals for you and your dog that will keep you both healthier and happier for a long time to come.
  3. Puddle Jumper Pups Dress up your dog’s daily walk by getting him a cute leash and collar from Puddle Jumper Pups. They make designer leashes and collars for every season of the year, which will leave your dog feeling happy and confident about himself. A little bit of sass and class and maybe he’ll even holding his head a little higher. We want to look our best, maybe our dogs do, too.
  4. Pet Subscription Boxes There’s a subscription box for just about everything these days and thank goodness our dogs are not left out. Everyone loves to get packages in the mail on the regular, so why not subscribe to one or more for your dog.  These boxes include everything your dog loves including toys, treats and grooming products.  Whether you send him one or set him up for the whole year, your dog will certainly love you for it and maybe he’ll become a little fonder of the mail man, too. 
  5. Custom Stuffed Dog While this stuffed dog is not made for your dog to play with, it is the gift the literally keeps on giving in more ways than one. These stuffed dogs are made as almost exact replicas of your dog.  By submitting a few photos, your custom dog will be on your doorstep in no time. The best part is that proceeds will help support shelters and rescues.  Also, your dog never wants you to forget him and well, this stuffed dog replica will be a forever reminder of your best fur pal – not that you need a reminder.
  6. Cozy Beds If you’re like many pet parents, you probably have a dog bed in each room of your house, even if your dog sleeps in your bed. Things get chilly in the winter months and your dog probably would appreciate a new bed to being comfort and warmth to his bones.  These dog beds by Orvis will bring out the desire for long naps in your dog.  Their Tempur-pedic, memory foam and ToughChew dog beds provide great options for any and all dogs.  Maybe you should just get your dog one of each,no?
  7. Keep your dog hydrated on the go with the aqua bottle portable no spill water bottle. This cool bottle will fit right in your cup holder and also comes with a strap to attach to your belt or your back pack. Cool and convenient!
  8. If your dog is prone to a little anxiety or loneliness while you are away then buy him the dvd “While You are Gone”! This calming video will keep your dog captivated and mesmerized leaving him little time to be lonely while you’re away as he takes a virtual walk through the woods. While the video is only just over an hour, the auto loop features enables your dog to watch all day long.
  9. For dogs who love a good ball game, the Chuckit! Pro is a game changer! Throw the ball faster and farther than ever before! It’s great for you as well because you don’t have to keep picking up the slimy, slobbery ball!  Yes, way!

The sky is the limit when it comes to shopping for your dog this holiday season. With a little creativity and a lot of love, you are sure to find some great options for your dog this season and beyond.  Happy Shopping!