Why does my cat rub it’s face on everything?


You don’t have to be a cat enthusiast to know that they love rubbing their faces on pretty much anything that is nearby. You can even catch big cats like Tigers rubbing on rocks and each other sometimes.


But why does a cat rub their face on everything? Does it just feel good to them or does it have a deep meaning? We decided to find the answers. What we do know is that the meaning of it can change depending on what they are rubbing and why.


They are leaving scent marks


The actual term for this behavior is called “bunting.” And since cats have multiple scent glands on their face and head, they often use this to leave their own scent mark on objects. Glands around their mouth, chin, face, neck and ears leave their scent behind as they bunt. It is somewhat like marking territory, cats will over bunt on top of marks left by other felines. Also, it can be a nervous behavior. They cope by making themselves comfortable through spreading their scent around.


They use it as a timestamp


Cats both let other felines know that they are there and also can be aware of other felines in the vicinity. Depending on the strength of the scent they can tell how long it has been marked by themselves or another cat. They will know to be on guard or stand down alert by determining how long a previous scent was left.


They are showing affection

If you’ve seen any internet memes with cats, then you’ve heard of “head boops.” That’s when a cat reaches up and bunts their favorite people on the head. This is also technically called “allorubbing.”They also do this to your legs, hands and pretty much any part of your body they see fit. It’s because they showing love and affection. If you have more than one cat you can even catch them doing this to each other or even the family dog in sweet moments. When cats put their faces up close to yours it’s a great bonding experience. It shows trust and friendship, something cats don’t always give up freely.


They are asking for attention


They also do this in attention-seeking behavior. Depending on your cat’s natural personality they can range from a little needy to a lot of needy.  That’s why they often use bunting as a way to ask for pets, scratches, or even food. When they rub against you often enough and you respond by petting them or asking them what they need, they associate it with getting what they want and continue doing it.

In Conclusion

Whether you call it bunting, boops, or head butts, it’s certainly adorable to watch your cat rub their faces happily. And it’s also oh-so-comforting to be on the receiving end of those sweet rubs. From marking their scent and tracking the time to showing affection or needing attention, it’s no secret that cats love to bunt. And we love that about them! What’s the funniest thing that your cat has rubbed on? We’d love to hear stories about your cat, so leave a comment below about this curious and cute feline behavior!