Dog Training Academy

Sitter for your Critter is now offering Dog Training!

Sitter for your Critter is now offering Dog Training!



Did you just get a new puppy?


Do you have dreams of bringing your dog off leash to the beach and them actually listening to you when you call for them?


Loose leash what is that? Is your dog a puller?

Sitter for your Critter is here to help with all of your training needs. Sitter for your Critter has been in business for 10 years and in that amount of time we have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of people in the pet industry. We’ve met hundreds of amazing trainers from all across the state and have built relationships with some of the top dogs in the industry. We have hand selected who we think to be THE BEST to work with you and your animals. We have decided to approach this with the TEAM mentality  When you make the decision to start training with

Sitter for your Critter you are not just getting one trainer you are getting 5 experienced professionals that have different skill sets and experiences in the training world. Our philosophy is there is not one method to training but several. Each dog is different and something that might work one pup might now work for your newly adopted rescue dog. It’s important to us to explore all and any options to ensure you and your furry family have the best success possible.

Top 3 reasons why you will love our new training program



Our trainers ROCK!

We have put together a team of highly skilled trainers that have over 30 years of experience as a whole. Our philosophy around training is why just have one? We have assembled a diverse team that works closely together on each client to provide solutions to your problems. If your designated trainer is having trouble or needs assistance they have a group of skilled professionals to lean on.


Communication is KEY!

We have invested in the top of the line client/trainer software to make your training experience seamless. Training requires a lot of information to be passed back and forth, not just in the beginning, but throughout our working relationship. Our software enables us to collect and store that information, send pictures during our sessions, record training notes, and update you in real time.


We are in it to win it!


The entire training team here at Sitter for your Critter is dedicated to helping you and your pets with all/any of your training challenges. We believe there is no challenge too big or difficult and that EVERY dog can learn new tricks.

Step 1

Contact us to complete your Personality Profile as well as your Client Profile.

Step 2

Our Pack Leader aka Head Trainer will be in touch with you to set up your Initial Intake Meeting.

Step 3

At your Initial Client Evaluation our trainer will design a custom training plan based off of your specific needs. This detailed training plan will incorporate goals, milestones, training methods, homework for you the owner and a schedule.

Step 4

You meet your designated trainer and we get to work!