Smiles on trails!

We are so fortunate to live in a region so full of natural spaces!  This post, the last in a series of three featuring local parks and beaches, suggests a handful of properties that offer a big “bang for the buck” with multiple habitats to explore.

Fort Foster, Kittery:

This huge park is a favorite with dogs and their humans, especially in the off season.  There are two great forts and other historicfot3al structures scattered around the numerous trails through the woods and fields.  There is also beach access and beautiful views of the harbor.  Fort Foster has a fantastic variety to offer visitors, both two legged and four legged. It is located at the end of Pocahontas Road where a gatehouse is manned during the summer months.
Roger’s Park, Kittery:

This secluded tract of land consists of 27 acres on only a handful of well marked trails through the woods and along the edge of Spruce Creek.   There is some marshy and rocky water access as well.  The trails loop together for a 20 minute stroll or endless exploration.  Here is a nice but unofficial summary of the property. Information is also posted at the trailhead, which is located at the end of Roger’s Road.

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Wagon Hill Farm, Durham:

Check this one out and see what all the other dogs are barking about!  The property sits on the shores of Great Bay and is identifiable by the wagon atop the hill, easily viewable from Route 4, off of which the park is located.  Trails wind through fields and orchards, occasionally through the woods and skirt marshlands.  A small beach is also located on this municipal property.