As we head into warmer months (finally) we are faced with the worst part of spring, cleaning your house from shedding pets! 😵

We would do anything for our fur babies, but when it comes to keeping our houses clean and sneeze free it can seem like we might be in over our heads. At Sitter For Your Critter, we are always here to help with your pet’s needs from walks, snuggles, play, and of course, grooming. We partnered with Sarah Cornett from We Clean Green to help you conquer your furry house.

Throughout the month of April, we will be giving weekly cleaning tips for your home to get the fur out of the house and ready for fresh spring weather. We will be sharing a weekly video each Monday with tips from Sarah herself to get your house spik and span. We will be starting with a Facebook Live video where Sarah will share her secret tips for getting fur out your couch (hallelujah!)

To keep up with our 10-year-anniversary give back for 2018, we are also running a contest to make cleaning your house even easier. We are giving away two FABULOUS gifts courtesy of We Clean Green. When you enter to win HERE you could win:

  • $100 gift card to We Clean Green
  • $30 in Sarah’s MUST HAVE cleaning products

So, time to roll up those sleeves, put on your favorite cleaning playlist and get your house ready for summer. (And don’t forget to enter to win!)