The long, lazy days of summer are behind us and the crisp days of fall are on the horizon. What does the prospect of the new season mean for some people? Football, of course! All die-hard fans countdown the days until their team takes the field. Jerseys are donned, nachos are prepared, and beers are opened as people gather around the television and cheer on their favorite teams. Make no mistake, team loyalty runs deep and fans aren’t afraid to show it. Some even go as far as getting the furry members of their family involved. That’s right, even Fido can join in on the fun. You and your pet can proudly wear your matching jerseys on game day to support your team because, after all, we know you’re their number one fans.  

Keep in mind, not all dogs enjoy being dressed up. You know your pet’s personality better than anyone. If they are patient and don’t mind indulging your obsession then go for it! In fact, some dogs really enjoy the extra attention. However, if your four-legged friend is a bit on the shy side or tends to be sensitive you might want to rethink your dress up session.

If you do end up dressing your pet you should keep a few things in mind. First, watch out for costume hazards. Scarves can easily become too tight. Beads or jewels can quickly become choking hazards. The most important thing is your pet’s comfort and well-being. Consider the material the clothes are made out of. Wool tends to be itchy whereas cotton is more breathable. If the outfit is too big or too tight your poor pooch will be uncomfortable. The better the fit, the happier the dog.

Of course, other than simply humoring you, there are legitimate reasons to dress up your dog too. Fall evenings get chilly and just like you, your pet can get cold. Dogs with thin fur, fresh haircuts, and elderly dogs might need a jersey to help keep them warm. Not all dogs need this, however. Some breeds are built for cold weather and have an extra layer of fur to keep them warm. In these cases, clothing them could easily cause them to overheat which is just as harmful as being cold. Clothing your pet can serve another purpose. Often, anxious dogs find the feeling of tight-fitting clothing to be relaxing and greatly helps their anxiety.

If you want some fashion inspiration, take a look at these canine fans.

Something For Everyone

Boy and girl dogs alike can show their team support with a simple jersey. This is the perfect his and her look that is always in style.

dog in pats jersey

Don’t Forget The Accessories

Jerseys are cute but don’t forget the accessories. A quick internet search yields all kinds of adorable scarves, hats and even bowties to put the added flare to your pup’s football fanaticism.

foot ball accessories

Never Too Young

Why not start ‘em young? They’re never too young, or in this case, too small to introduce them to the finer points of fan loyalty.

puppy football

You Always Need A Cheerleader

You can’t have a football game without a cheerleader. Your dog loves spending time with you and seeing you happy makes them happy. While they can’t hold any pom-poms, they will make their support known by the happy wagging of their tail.


Don’t Forget the “Rufferee”

If your furry friend has a more neutral temperament, he or she might be happier being a “rufferee” than choosing a favorite team. Hey, someone has to enforce the rules, right?


If you and your pup do decide to dress up for game day, send us your pictures. We’d love to cheer you both on.