Regardless of its truth, or lack thereof, the myth that cats are independent, distant and aloof pets just will not go away. When it comes to owning a pet, most people hold the false assumption that cats need less attention and pampering than dogs do. While it is true that cats are more self-sufficient than dogs, the idea that they need less attention, love, and pampering simply isn’t true. Cats love affection just as much as dogs and most cat owners can attest to the strong bond that they have with their cats. If you have a special feline friend in your life and are looking for ways to go the extra mile for them, we have a few suggestions that can help your cat live the life of luxury.


Daily Brushing

Cats love the feeling of a brush against their fur. The added benefit of a daily brushing session is that it helps cut down on shedding hairballs too. The rhythm of the back and forth massage of a brush is soothing to your cat and helps build a bond between the two of you as well. Try several types of brushes until you find the one that your kitty seems to like the most.


Cozy Sleeping Spot

The term “cat nap” was coined for good reason – cats could make a profession out of taking a snooze. Because of this, it’s important to offer them lots of comfy spots to curl up and sleep. Your local pet store is sure to have a large selection of cat beds and pillows that could be the perfect addition to your pet’s pampered life.  

Toy Rotation

Your little love can never have too many toys. It’s important to have a variety of toys that will stimulate and entertain your feline friend. Be sure to rotate the availability of your cat’s toys so he or she doesn’t get bored. Before you leave for the day, hide a few toys in places you know your cat frequents. Your pet will love the surprise and it will help to keep their mind and body active while you’re at work.  

Daily Play

We know you love spending time with your cat. An important part of your relationship with your pet should include daily play. This will strengthen your bond and provide your cat with much needed mental and physical stimulation. Cats are natural hunters so play to their strengths. Hide behind something and peek out just enough to get your cat’s attention. Once they see you, quickly pull back and wait. Before you know it you will find your cat pouncing and hunting you. You’ll both have fun with this game of cat and mouse.  


Cats enjoy treats just as much as dogs do. They’ll love to find a special treat in their bowl or on their favorite sleeping surface. Several companies make treat balls that require your cat to figure out how to dispense a treat. Not only will they love the reward they get, but they’ll be entertained as they try to figure it out.

Scratching Posts

Scratching is a daily and important part of a cat’s routine. To eliminate any chance that your pet might scratch on your furniture or curtains be sure to have plenty of scratching posts around your house for your cat to scratch on. Make sure that they are close enough to his or her favorite spots that they won’t have to travel to get a few good scratches in. Also make sure that you have a variety of scratching posts that are different heights and different textures.

Open the Blinds

Cats need both mental and physical stimulation to keep them occupied. Just as important as a comfy bed, lots of toys and a scratching post is that your kitty has the opportunity to look outside. Cat are hunters by nature and they love to be able to sit at a window and see the goings on outside. Cats are agile and can usually jump to a window will but if your cat is older or has joint problems make sure you keep a pillow or chair by the window so they have easy access.


Your cat will love these special little surprises and thoughtful gestures designed especially for them. You, in turn, will love the extra affection that your cat shows you once you return home at the end of the day.