Everyday people dread going to the doctor. And we actually know why we are going and why it is good for us, which eases our anxiety. Everyday dog’s have to be hauled to the vet, but sadly they don’t really know why they are going or why it is good for them and that causes them to easily become a ball of anxiety. So, is there any way to make your dog happy to go to the vet?


Why Does My Dog Get So Stressed at the Vet?

Even if your dog loves car rides they can still start to panic when they see you pull up to the vet. Sometimes this is because they only go there to get shots and be poked and prodded. More than that, there is a cacophony of animal noises that can be more than a little nerve wracking for them.

There is also an overwhelming abundance of smells. Your dog’s olfactory (sense of smell) is extremely sensitive and they smell every pet that has been there, not to mention all of the regular strange smells of a doctor’s office. All of this can make for a confusing and stressful time for our dogs.


The Top Tips To A Less Stressful Visit

  • Acclimate to the car:

If your dog isn’t used to a car ride, get them used to riding in the car for “fun” trips to a park and the pet store to get a new toy. Start slowly by playing in the car without even going anywhere and then taking short trips around the neighborhood. Slowly make the trips longer as they get more used to being in a moving car.

  • Create a comfortable carrying case:

Pull their carrying crate out ahead of time. Sometimes your pet will only associate the crate with a vet and the anxiety instantly sets in for them. Bring out the crate, make it comfortable and encourage them to spend time in it even when you aren’t leaving, they’ll be less likely to freak out when they see it.

  • Don’t be afraid to talk them through it

It’s never a bad idea to talk to your pet the entire time. Using a calm voice will help relax them. You may think that you sound crazy talking to your pet in public, but no pet parent will think twice about it. Your voice is very soothing to your pet and will help ease their anxiety.

  • Talk to your vet about medicine

If nothing helps, there are medicines like Adaptil that can help your dog cope with visits to the veterinarian. Because for some dogs, no matter what you try nothing works. Once your wrangle your pet to the vet, talk to them about the possibility of needing medicine for visits.

Vet trips don’t have to be super stressful. Because when your dog is full of anxiety, you can easily feel just as stressed. Try these tips and make sure to talk to your vet about any concerns you have about their behavior.