Happy New Year everyone!  This week I thought I would keep the topic light and list a couple of interesting and entertaining pet care trends we’ve seen in recent years.  Whether they make you smile or motivate you to learn more, we hope you enjoy!

Cat walkingcats

It’s real!  In a properly fitted harness, a cat can benefit from leashed outdoor time.  More folks are keeping their cats indoors these days in response to heightened dangers from other cats, wildlife, and vehicular traffic.  But of course, many cats still want fresh air and maybe some grass to nibble on and taking them out on a leash can be a great way to do it.  As a former animal shelter volunteer, we even used walking as a tool for weight loss!  Ask around, you might be surprised by how many people have at least tried cat walking.  If you’re considering taking your kitty out, check out these suggestions from Adventure Cats for getting her accustomed to the idea.

Cheap entertainment


Photo borrowed from Wind and Weather (click on the photo to be linked to the page)

You may have smirked at their “as seen on TV” ads (I know I did!) but suction cup bird feeders are a legitimate source of intrigue and stimulation for many kinds of indoor pets!  I know my kiddos settle in for a long snooze when I need to leave them or am busy around the house.  I also know they have quite the prey drive.  Attracting birds to within a safe few inches of their noses is an excellent way for them to pass some of the time.  It can also be entertaining for us to watch!  This time of year especially, the birds will certainly appreciate it, as observation and anecdotes from others suggests they seem unperturbed by having an audience.

Hair styling

Do you anchorsend your pup to the groomer?  One of the rising trends over the last few years has been hair dyeing.  Turn your poodle into a lion, bichon into a panda, or add some “simple flare” like colored ears.  With non-toxic, pet-specific color dyes, you or your groomer can have a little fun with your pup’s appearance (temporarily).  Being completely safe and not inhibiting of their usual behaviors or interactions, we’ve had a little fun ourselves with painting designs on our pup!  Performing a simple Google search will render lots of great ideas, from the basic to intricate!