Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in New Hampshire and Maine

How much does a Pet Sitter or a Dog Walker cost? Do you have a price list?

We completely understand that cost is a deciding factor in a lot of things and we want to make sure that you understand our pricing structure and what goes into it.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Visit?

  • Length of visit
  • Number of pets and care routine (same price 1-3 pets)
  • Time of day of the visit
  • Type of service

Estimated Pricing Structure

Because we customize all of our visits to meet your pets need it’s important to get in touch with us and tell us more on how we are to best serve you and your critters.

How do I Find Out Exact Costs?

Our staff is ready and waiting any time to discuss your situation in more detail. When you contact us let us know how you normally take care of your pets and we can make sure that we match that with a similar service that we provide We can put a quote together for your visits, giving you a number of different options to see which best suits you and your pets.

How Do You Get in Touch?

  • Request information via our contact form
  • Call us at 603-661-2231
  • Email us at

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