Reasons to be Thankful for Cats


Every year as families gather around the table for Thanksgiving; people get a chance to say what they are thankful for. In most cases, it is family, health, love, friends and spending time together. After saying all this, everyone digs down into the lovely spread laid down in front of them. Surprisingly, people may not always say this out loud, but they are thankful for their beloved cats. It is not always the first thing that comes to mind, giving thanks to a cat but the bulk of cat owners will agree that their cats are important parts of their lives. Below are some reasons to be thankful for cats.


Cats offer companionship

You have had a long day and finally get home. Once you sit or lie down, your cat appears, jumps on your lap and starts purring as it drifts off. That simple act can warm your heart and brighten your day. Cats are great for companionship. Despite their aloof nature sometimes, when they do decide to be sociable, cats can be the greatest of companions.


Cats make you laugh

Have you ever wondered why people spend so many hours watching cat videos online? The answer is simple; cats do the funniest of things. One would think they have a funny gene encoded into their DNA. Cats are entranced by a string or chase the light from a flashlight in curiosity for ages. We will find ourselves laughing hard as we wonder what goes on in the heads of these creatures.


Cats give us purpose

Depending on your point of view, some people see taking care of cats as a way to keep them busy which is true. Others are under the impression that taking care of a cat brings them immense happiness. There is plenty of work and responsibility that goes into taking care of your cat. The best part is that it all comes back magnified in the happiness they bring to our lives. By giving us a good reason to get out of bed every morning, they provide us with a sense of purpose.


Cats keep us on our toes

Keeping someone on their toes does not exactly sound like a task someone should be thankful for but surprisingly it is. As a parent of cats, bringing them up is not always the simplest thing, and there are some challenges to expect along the way. The cat may decide to push off a vase off the table or something similar. You have to be involved to prevent any disaster from occurring. The little fur balls increase one’s sense of awareness and help them to be a better parent.


Cats improve your health

Parenting a pet has scientifically been proven to reduce blood pressure, minimize stress and lower the possibility of contracting heart-related health issues. One way in which cats help improve your health is by keeping you on the move. Kittens have plenty of energy to the point that watching them may wear you down. Taking care and playing with your pets is a sure way to stay more active and healthier.


The list could go on and on, right? Cats are wonderful pets who most certainly add to the spice of life.

Why are YOU thankful for your cat?