Is It Safe To Let Your Cat Go Outside?

Deciding whether your cat should be allowed outside or whether it should stay in all day is quite the conundrum. Some say letting it out has numerous benefits while others are absolutely not up for the idea. There are both pros and cons to this scenario. Let’s see which ones outweigh the other and see if we can maybe end this debate that has been going on for eons.

 The Pros

Cats that are let to go outside every once in a while are less likely to be ill mannered. Here are a few advantages to letting them out every so often.

Less Damage Done

Cats that are let to roam outside every so often have some manners. They are less likely to pee on the floor or cushions of your sofa as they know best where to urinate. Keeping them outside for a while also ensures that they do not get to claw at your furniture. They have a whole new world to explore thus keeping themselves busy and less bored.

Weight Check

Cats that go outside more often are fit. If a cat stays indoors all day just eating and lazing, it is definitely bound to put on a few pounds.


Indoor cats sometimes get bored too easily and will end up overeating to pass time. This means they rely solely on the owners for company and comfort thus making them a little too dependent. In the event that the owner does stay away from home for a few days, the cat could easily get stressed. Let the cat out once in a while and allow it to explore and get some social stimulation. This will make it more independent.

Pest Control

Cats help in keeping the rodents away from the garden and kitchen. Let them run around warding off the pests.

The Cons

Cats will encounter numerous dangers once they step outside the house and this can prove disadvantageous.

Traffic Accidents

If you live close to a road that is quite busy, cats could get seriously injured or even die. This proves to be a great risk to their lives.

Stray Animals

Stray animals roaming outside can easily infect your cat leading to diseases and even causing harm.


Cats can very easily get lost. They can get picked up by a stranger and led to a different environment. Cats are curious creatures and will always go exploring unknown areas.


Cats can very easily get poisoned by eating poisoned pests. Even some plants growing in the gardens are poisonous to cats.

What To Do?

You can compromise. Let the cat out during the day when there are fewer dangers and keep them indoors at night. Train them so that when you call out to them they can come back home. Get them vaccinated to keep them safe. Ensure they have identification and a leash when they go outside as a precaution. Choose to hold the, when going out instead of them leaping out alone.