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Hi my name is Crystal Hammond and I am the proud owner of Sitter for your Critter. I have been in the pet business for over 12 years doing everything from pet care, dog training, starting an animal nonprofit and now I am so excited to bring you something that is very near and dear to my heart.

Both my husband and my dog Capone suffer from pain as well as other things. My husband was in the Army for several years and also suffers from PTSD. As a family we are always looking for options and alternatives to medications and when CBD first came out it was something that we wanted to look into.

We’ve spent over 2 years searching for the right products and we are so excited to have finally found a company that not only can help us with our personal needs but able to help all of my fabulous friends (human and furry) in our Sitter for your Critter family.

I have researched hundreds of companies and manufacturers, tested products on my husband,(haha) visited growing operations and have FINALLY found the right one! I have done all of the heavy liftings for you!

When it comes to CBD there are so many questions. What is CBD? Is it safe? How do I know if my animals should take CBD? and the list goes on and on… We are here to answer and and all questions that you might have and will soon be opening a Facebook group where you will be able to talk with other customers and watch informational videos.

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We are so excited that you are even thinking about CBD as an option for you and your pets.

If you would like to talk to Crystal call 603-661-2231 or email her at

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