Yard work, humidity, and tourists – it’s safe to say summer is here!  So what fun activities can you do with your pup when it’s too hot for her regular walk?

Cool down

Buy an inexpensive kiddie pool and pretend you’re on the beach!  Pup not impressed?  Try incorporating things she enjoys like tossing in her favorite tennis ball or having her bob for treats.  Some dogs even enjoy a run through the sprinkler!Cute Animals (692)

Landscaping assistant

Most dogs just Cute Animals (345)want to be with their humans.  Invite yours to hang out with you while you do yard work.  If that’s not exciting enough, offer her a long lasting chew like an antler.  She’s getting fresh air and time with her #1 without too much physical stress.  This is one of our husky mix’s favorite summertime activities, especially when I position the picnic table so he can spy on the neighbors!

Many of the area’s home improvement stores permit leashed, well-mannered pups… and their stores are air conditioned, jackpot!  While we mull over A/C’s and hydrangeas, the dogs are getting a little exercise without battling the humidity, lots of socialization, and new stimuli with the many sights and smells of our favorite pet-friendly stores like Lowe’s and ACE Hardware.  Bonus: if it’s not too hot, one of our dogs enjoys being hooked up to the cart and helping pull it to the car!


Cute Animals (357)

Have an ounce of culinary creativity?  Make your pet frozen treats such as chicken broth ice cubes.  Some extra healthy add-ins include cranberries, blueberries, and carrot, green bean, or sweet potato chunks.  Another idea that will last a little longer is a frozen meal.  For example, I create a chicken and rice blend cooked in coconut oil (that supplements their regular food), sprinkle it with healthy seeds like flaxseed, add a little extra water to make it “soupy” and freeze it in a durable tupperware.  The result is a frozen treat that makes my pup work for his food and delivers a much-appreciated chill on warm days.

Dog friendly water access

Of course, dogs still need their exercise and to get out and explore (don’t we all?!).  The area has a handful of dog-friendly beaches (rules apply) and the next best thing is a walking trail by the water for a quick dip and cool breeze.  Find one now and you’ll give yourself a pat on the back every time you visit throughout the summer!  Beaches such as Rye, Seapoint in Kittery, and Long Sands in York all allow dogs in some capacity.  You can check out each town’s website for more info!  Wagon Hill Farm in Durham, Rogers Park in Kittery, Vaughn Woods in South Berwick, and Wiggly Bridge/Steedman Woods in York have at least a portion of their trails alongside the water.


A little work with that playtrex

Summertime is a great opportunity to work on training, behavior, and socialization.  My pups want to exercise less but their minds are still going so I have no excuse not to work with them!  It works in my favor, as a tired (but not overtired) dog is often easier to work with and there are so many opportunities during the summer because everybody is out and about.  It’s hard to predict just how bountiful the rewards will be to utilizing this time of year for training; your pup may make huge milestones in her fear of people or learn a handful of new party tricks!