Why Choose Sitter for your Critter to Care for your Pets?

Our Pledge to You


When you put us in charge of your pets we vow to:


Show them the same love and attention you show them every visit

Follow you instructions 100% so your pets maintain their normal care routine

Keep you informed on all activity so you know your pet is home safe and sound

Family Run Business

Family Run Business

Sitter for your Critter is a family run business, operated by Crystal Hammond and her extended family members. When Crystal first started her business it came from wanting to solve a problem when her friends would travel. They didn’t want to have to kennel their animals and they wanted to know that they were home safe and sound and in their own surroundings.

From a small start in our local area, she now services pet owners all over the NH and Southern Maine. Over the years she has grown her client base naturally from word of mouth but recently has been approached by other local pet sitters to take over their clients and merge them with the Sitter for your Critter team. To date we have purchased 5 other pet sitting companies and have had nothing but rave reviews.

Our mission is to be the leader in Professional Pet Care and follow our best practices to insure your pet receives the same level of care you give them.

Animal Lovers

Crystal and her husband Ty have a wonderful adorable English Bulldog named Capone and a super sweet kitty named Oakland. Between all of the members of our staff we could fill a large house with beloved cats and dogs.

When we care for your animals we know how much you love them because of our love for our own pets. We keep your animals at the center of our care because we want them to love the experience.

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We offer Services That We Love

Before owning Sitter for your Critter, it was a constant struggle to find someone to care for our pets. It actually came to the point we had to stop traveling as much. So, when we looked at the types of services we would create we looked at the type of services we would of wanted and needed at the time.

We strive to be flexible by offering overnights, mid-day dog walking, cat care and even the quick pop in. Whatever you need Sitter for your Critter has you covered!

Certifications We Adhere to

We are extremely passionate about raising the standard of all pet care in the Tri State Area. We want the industry to grow and be one that pet owners can put their trust in. We not only have all of our sitters go through Pet First Aid but we offer each member of our team access to training that covers everything from Pet Food Allergies to Dog Behavior classes. We are members of FetchFind which is a pet-centric online content marketplace.

We stay current on all things Pets!

Customer Service - Online Booking

Customer Service

There is nothing worse than finding a service or product you love and then it’s a hassle to try and book with them or you don’t hear from them for days. We want to keep things simple and maintain a well oiled machine at the same time

We offer 24-hour online booking and a client portal system for easy access to all of your information on your pets.

It’s important to us that you feel relaxed, and have complete peace of mind while you are away from your pets.

This is something that we invest a lot of time and energy into. If you have something to say we want to hear from you!

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